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Defrost Your Windscreen Quicker This Winter With These Bizarre Kitchen Objects

Frosty climate is formally upon us, as individuals awakened throughout the UK to search out temperatures had plummeted in a single day.

However as a lot as a few of us get pleasure from the truth that winter has lastly arrived, with it comes the mundane morning chore of defrosting your automotive windscreen.

It’s not a process we will keep away from both – in line with the Freeway Code, home windows and windscreens should be saved clear and freed from obstructions to imaginative and prescient, not following it and driving with a nonetheless frozen up windscreen may end in a high quality and factors in your licence.

Nevertheless, some savvy driving specialists have uncovered methods to defrost your windscreen in ‘seconds’ because of a variety of on a regular basis objects you’ve in all probability already acquired in the home.

Listed below are 4 merchandise you need to use as a DIY de-icer, in line with – and chances are you’ll need to go verify your fridge.


Nick Kee Son by way of Getty Photographs

Struggling to get your windscreen clear? Spray it with a mix of water and vinegar. Though the combo received’t soften ice, it could actually cease it from forming for those who apply it the evening earlier than.


Raw onion on textured linen sackcloth. Organic onions
Uncooked onion on textured linen sackcloth. Natural onions

Yup, in the identical method that vinegar works, rub half an onion throughout your windscreen the evening earlier than ice is forecast to cease it from frosting over.


Out of onions? No worries – the standard spud does the identical job. Should you discover that your veg is getting somewhat dry, slice one other layer off and carrying on rubbing your windscreen.


Francesco Vaninetti Photograph by way of Getty Photographs

When you won’t fancy reaching for the costliest vodka in your drinks cupboard, having an inexpensive bottle readily available might help defrost your windscreen. The alcohol content material in vodka acts as a superb de-icer.



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