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lightning community – What does the disabled area of the RoutingPolicy object imply in LND?

lnd v0.15.3-beta

The documentation for lnrpc.RoutingPolicy reveals a boolean area referred to as disabled, nevertheless it gives no definition of what which means. Every channel has 2 friends, and every peer in a channel has its personal routing coverage. A number of the channels have disabled set to true for one peer and false for the opposite.

Right here is an instance:

$ lncli getchaninfo 697113461880782849
    "channel_id": "697113461880782849",
    "chan_point": "094c1a9d6cd5294847f560758e8b8d8cdb4ef386ca746112536564742a92184b:1",
    "last_update": 1667018957,
    "node1_pub": "02572c2e1b43a78bb060e7d322b033443efc0d8d60fc2b111dd8bb999aa940d1f5",
    "node2_pub": "02a45def9ae014fdd2603dd7033d157faa3a55a72b06a63ae22ef46d9fafdc6e8d",
    "capability": "5281151",
    "node1_policy": {
        "time_lock_delta": 40,
        "min_htlc": "1000",
        "fee_base_msat": "1000",
        "fee_rate_milli_msat": "10",
        "disabled": false,
        "max_htlc_msat": "5228340000",
        "last_update": 1665821197
    "node2_policy": {
        "time_lock_delta": 24,
        "min_htlc": "1000",
        "fee_base_msat": "0",
        "fee_rate_milli_msat": "501",
        "disabled": true,
        "max_htlc_msat": "5228340000",
        "last_update": 1667018957

Is it true {that a} channel is just lively if the routing coverage for each friends reveals disabled = false?

Or is setting a routing coverage to disabled the equal of setting it to null? Some channels have friends with null routing insurance policies as on this instance:

$ lncli getchaninfo 555817421567164416
    "channel_id": "555817421567164416",
    "chan_point": "43a329e374f19ac11cb8377d8d791505d27e60c221a3cfe99a2d758318803e0f:0",
    "last_update": 0,
    "node1_pub": "0207481a19a3f51a48f134e95afa67cfeffdb38a99b5ad3494a320c4918aaaf579",
    "node2_pub": "02ef61a252f9504a42fc264a28476f44cea0711a44b2da0bd729ad52aaee9d86b7",
    "capability": "10000",
    "node1_policy": null,
    "node2_policy": null

Is the above channel lively? If that’s the case, does it use default routing coverage values?

Is disabled = true the identical as a null routing coverage? Or does it disable the entire channel if one node disables its routing coverage?



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