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Please assist me perceive this P2PKH transaction

I am making an attempt to know Pay-to-Pubkey-Hash transactions. I picked a random P2PKH transaction in a blockchain explorer: ab3f542ad5add941f8ba4282cebab0cca81266a83cab6b98ebb8ae730477a570

So far as I perceive 0312437e326ef7bef6ea13209720f308548d2d205a4bf94e73bf8233ea7e6bb769 within the scriptSig is the general public key and 3b10b087f293aecbb3af71e26d17f4e0ff4ea5f7 within the scriptPubKey is the OP_HASH160 of the general public key of the receiver. So I did the next:

  1. SHA256(0312437e326ef7bef6ea13209720f308548d2d205a4bf94e73bf8233ea7e6bb769) = 7205ec1e595ce779b4d8b68fd909e00ef97eb0fdb8274951c7f923e2c82a898f
  2. RIPEMD160(7205ec1e595ce779b4d8b68fd909e00ef97eb0fdb8274951c7f923e2c82a898f) = 73e440177e6b5e27eabef63905bb2e2c1616dc9d

I used to be anticipating the second step to end in 3b10b087f293aecbb3af71e26d17f4e0ff4ea5f7.

What am I doing fallacious?



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