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This Superb Machinima of a Tiny Cosmic Void Was Made With No VFX — As a result of You Can Really Get a Tiny Cosmic Void in Second Life

This brief experimental however severely cool machinima by rising star creator Vrutega (learn his SL highlight profile right here) seems prefer it was made in After Results or another post-production platform, nevertheless it was really recorded totally in Second Life.

“The whole lot was shot in-world,” he tells me. “No VFX was used for this. I used an interactive skybox and adjusted the WindLight to match the hue of the DarkStar Pocket merchandise I used to be holding.”

And sure, you may get a duplicate of your individual DarkStar Pocket this weekend on the Tokyo Zero occasion in SL – [click here to teleport].

Self-taught, Vrutega did later add the sharp audio results:

Cosmic Void SL machinima

“I layered varied sounds from a number of of my sound libraries, and created my model of a cosmic/area atmosphere.” he explains. “I do my sound design in Adobe Premiere Professional and Adobe Audition.”

Most machinima makers shortchange the audio results, however in my view they’re virtually as essential because the precise visuals.

As for the DarkStar Pocket, here is extra information on it from creator DeadBoy.

Picture and video copyright Vrutega,



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